Focused Insurance and Risk Management Solutions

For Rhode Island Public Entities Since 1986

Unique by Design

A true risk-financing and sharing partnership, The Trust works to keep insurance premiums affordable by helping its Member-Owners learn and consistently practice the highest standards of public sector risk management. By sharing best practices, lessons learned, and financial risk, the collective partnership known as The Trust effectively reduces liability and prevents claims and losses.


As a Member-Owned, risk-sharing organization, The Trust presents a unique opportunity for local governmental entities to work together toward a common goal. As owners, Trust Members actually get a say and have the opportunity to actively participate, and ultimately impact, not only their destiny, but that of The Trust as a whole.


The Trust has managed to bring together Rhode Island municipalities, school districts and special purpose districts in a way unlike any other, and forged binding connections that have continued throughout the years. These long-standing partnerships, and the extent to which Members participate in Trust programs, prove that local government working together can accomplish great things.


The Trust functions as its Members’ partner in risk management, dedicated to helping eliminate claims before they happen. The Trust has managed to successfully interlace internal and external resources together, creating an effective and comprehensive offering of programs, services, training and education, all of which are aimed at helping Members work safely and reduce risk.


The Trust prides itself on exemplary service to Members. When you call The Trust, it is not a different person on the phone each time you call, but rather a familiar name and voice, a single person handling a claim, from start to finish, experts in insurance and risk management, readily willing and able to help.