Risk Management

The Trust is committed to a state-of-the-art risk management partnership with its Members. Our specialized loss prevention programs and risk management services are designed to specifically address the unique and ever-evolving concerns and problems faced by local government today. Through highly responsive, and effective risk management, our Members receive proactive assistance in reducing claims which ultimately leads to lower premium levels.

Firearms Training System

The Trust’s Firearms Training System is a mobile, computerized virtual training system that allows officers to interact in various “shoot/don’t shoot” scenarios as well as de-escalate volatile, life-threatening situations. The interactive scenarios allow the instructor, along with the student, to alter the outcome. The process helps the officer learn to focus, concentrate and react appropriately to sudden changes in circumstance as the officer evaluates the level of force needed to manage the unfolding and dangerous situation being encountered.

Inspection Services

The Trust offers a number of specially targeted inspection services designed to help Members adequately maintain safe environments for both employees and the public in which they serve.  Performed on-site, these services include property inspections, safety inspections, certified playground inspections and skatepark inspections.

Pre-Screening of Adverse Employment Actions Hotline

The Pre-Screening Adverse Employment Actions Program allows Property/Liability Program Members to vet potentially adverse employment related actions before taking them in an effort to reduce the likelihood of a claim occurring, or at the very least, provide for a successful defense in the event of a claim. The Trust has retained two well-respected attorneys to act a panel counsel for this program. Offered free of charge to all Trust Property/Liability Members, the Program is designed to supplement the Member’s existing legal services and/or to assist those Members, such as special purpose districts, who many not readily have access to counsel.

Trust in Safety

Trust in Safety is a unique risk management program developed by The Trust to help Members who are struggling with high workers’ compensation claim activity. Driven by Member management and supported by The Trust’s Loss Prevention Team, Trust in Safety aggressively charts and addresses the fundamental causes of poor loss performance to help reduce the frequency and severity of workplace injuries by teaching Members how to effectively minimize injuries in the workplace through an ongoing safety awareness program.

Supervisor’s Management Institute

The Supervisor’s Management Institute (SMI) is designed to enhance the job performance of front-line supervisors so that they can bring greater value to their local governmental entity and reduce organizational risk in all forms. Offered in partnership with Roger Williams University, SMI is assists supervisors in learning how to effectively deal with the daily challenges that they face through a variety of comprehensive training programs.

Drug & Alcohol Consortium

The Trust Drug and Alcohol Consortium was developed to enable Members to comply with the Federal Department of Transportation requirements regarding the testing of Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL) holders. This hassle-free and administratively simple testing pool helps Members mitigate the costs of implementing the testing and education requirements of the Federal Mandate, while also minimizing the chance that a governmental entity employee might operate a heavy truck or bus while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Scholarship & Safety Enhancement Grant Programs

The Trust’s Scholarship and Safety Enhancement Grant Programs were established to provide assistance to Trust Members who wish to advance their skills in the area of risk management education or receive assistance in the purchase of safety equipment.

Safety & Risk Management Scholarship

The Trust’s Annual Safety & Risk Management Scholarship Program provides an opportunity for Trust Members to apply for scholarship funding to support education and training opportunities related to safety and risk management. Employees with an interest in or responsibility for workplace safety, and who wish to enhance their skills in this area are encouraged to apply. The Trust will award seven (7) scholarships per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Each scholarship will have a maximum award of $2,000. Applications are available year-round.

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Safety Enhancement Grant

The Trust’s Annual Safety Enhancement Grant Program provides an opportunity for Trust Members to apply for grant funding to support the purchase of safety equipment and/or services that helps to promote a positive safety culture, a safer work environment, and reduce frequency and severity of claims. Thirty grants are awarded each year, in an amount of up to $1,000 per grant. Applications are available in January/February.

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