OPEB Funding Program

In partnership with Public Agency Retirement Services (PARS), The Trust has established a comprehensive and cost-effective Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) Funding Program. Under a common administrative framework, The Trust OPEB Funding Program provides participating Members with a trusted solution to proactively address their OPEB liabilities and risks. It is structured as a multiple-employer, irrevocable trust in accordance with Section 115 of the Internal Revenue Code and is compliant with federal and state laws and regulations.

Big Savings from Economies of Scale

Participating Members gain the advantage of a low-cost fee structure, based on a percentage of assets, that decreases as assets grow. And although assets are pooled for economies of scale, there is no cross sharing of earnings or liabilities. Each Member maintains their own separate accounts providing full discretion regarding contribution amounts and timing.

Flexibility and Control

Each Member maintains their own separate accounts providing them with full discretion regarding their contribution amounts and timing.

Names You Can Trust

US Bank serves as the trustee handling contribution and disbursements, while also ensuring the trust is administered in accordance with the trust agreement and operates for the exclusive benefit of retirees, employees and beneficiaries

Vanguard serves as the investment manager offering four investment pools, specifically developed for OPEB Trust funding.