The Trust's Health Pool is designed to help Members better manage the rising costs of health care and improve the quality of life for Member employees and their families. In partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI), the Pool provides a comprehensive spectrum of health plan options that can be tailored, with different benefits, co-pays, and deductibles, to meet the diverse needs of Trust Member entities.

The Same Coverage for Less $

Members are able to take advantage of lower premium costs than identical coverage purchased directly through BCBSRI resulting from the preferential administrative costs that are achieved through the power of large volume purchasing as well as The Trust’s innovative approach to stop-loss insurance. Members receive a guaranteed, fully-insured premium rate and any surplus dollars belong exclusively to the Members and are used for rate stability and premium relief, or for other cost control strategies such as stronger wellness programs.

Specially Designed Prescription Drug Benefit

Trust Health Pool Members are able to take advantage of significant savings on drug costs thanks to The Trust’s specialized prescription drug benefit direct with CVS Health. By The Trust carving out the pharmacy benefit, the Health Pool receives a 100% pass through of drug rebates, which are then distributed back to Members in the form of premium rate credits.