Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation Program Overview

Workers' Compensation coverage through The Trust complies fully with Rhode Island State law. Membership in The Trust's Workers' Compensation Pool encompasses far more than just the payment of claims and wage reimbursement for injured employees, it also offers outstanding no-cost, value-added benefits and loss prevention tools.

As a Member of The Trust’s Workers’ Compensation Pool, The Trust offers Members incomparable administrative convenience and public sector expertise in the processing, handling and the prevention of workplace injuries and resulting losses.

Injured-on-Duty (IOD) Program for Public Safety Employees

In Rhode Island, public safety employees are exempt from the provisions of the Workers' Compensation Act. To assist municipal Members with this complexity, The Trust provides a public safety employee injured-on-duty management and insurance program as an automatic coverage enhancement. This unique program provides wage replacement for police officer and fire fighters injured in catastrophic situations as well as case management, aggressive subrogation, pre-employment physicals, and legal representation, if necessary. Click here for more information.



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