Scope of Services

Consulting/Analytical Services

  • Initiate and coordinate actuarial valuation process
  • Coordinate volume based discounts on actuarial valuation for qualified Members

Implementation Services

  • Provide signature ready documents, including draft staff report/summary, draft resolution, adoption agreement, trust agreement, administrative services agreement and plan document
  • Provide ongoing training and support for Members

Investment Services

  • Provide 3 investment portfolio options specifically developed for OPEB prefunding
  • Provide professional investment management services
  • Provide detailed quarterly investment reports 

Trustee Services

  • Safeguard assets for exclusive benefit of Members and eligible employees/beneficiaries
  • Receive contributions from Members
  • Invest contributions according to the Member’s selected investment strategy
  • Reimburse Members, eligible employees/retirees/beneficiaries or pay health care providers directly for retiree health care premiums

Ongoing Administration Services

  • Maintain detailed accounting records, including individual record keeping of Member’s contributions, assets, distributions/reimbursements, expenses and earnings
  • Provide monthly account statements to Members
  • Monitor Program compliance with federal and state laws
  • Coordinate distributions/reimbursements
  • Coordinate annual audits of the Program

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