Group Life Beneficiary Information

If you are enrolled in The Trust's Group Life Insurance Program, you can change your designated beneficiary at any time by completing Section 3 of the Enrollment and Change Form. Employees must complete, print, sign and date the form and submit it to Human Resources. Human Resources is required to fill in bottom section of the form and email it to The Trust at  The following conditions apply:

Any beneficiary designation change revokes all prior designations.

  • Benefits are only payable to a contingent Beneficiary if you are not survived by one or more primary Beneficiary(ies).
  • If you name two or more Beneficiaries in a class:
  1. Two or more surviving Beneficiaries will share equally, unless you provide for unequal shares.
  2. If you provide for unequal shares in a class, and two or more Beneficiaries in that class survive, we will pay each surviving Beneficiary his or her designated share. Unless you provide otherwise, we will then pay the share(s) otherwise due to any deceased Beneficiaries to the surviving Beneficiaries pro rata based on the relationship that the designated percentage or fractional share of each surviving Beneficiary bears to the total shares of all surviving Beneficiaries.
  3. If only one Beneficiary in a class survives, we will pay the total death benefits to the Beneficiary.
  • If a minor (a person not of legal age), or your estate, is the Beneficiary, it may be necessary to have a guardian or a legal representative appointed by the court before any death benefit can be paid. If the Beneficiary is a trust or trustee, the written trust must be identified in the Beneficiary designation. For example, “Dorothy Q. Smith, Trustee under the trust agreement dated ________________________.”
  • A power of attorney must grant specific authority, by the terms of the document or applicable law to make or change a Beneficiary designation. If you have any questions, consult your legal advisor.
  • Dependents Insurance, if any, would terminate upon employee death.  


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