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The Trust
Rhode Island Interlocal Risk Management Trust

Health Insurance Program Overview

The Trust's Health Pool is designed to help Members better manage the rising costs of health care and improve the quality of life for Member employees and their families.  In partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI), the program provides a comprehensive spectrum of health plan options that can be tailored, with different benefits, co-pays, and deductibles, to meet the diverse needs of Trust Member entities. 

To achieve a healthier Member workforce, The Trust couples the Health Pool's off-the-job wellness initiatives with the on-the-job occupational safety programs through the Workers' Compensation Pool for a true 24/7 approach. 

Member of The Trust's Health Pool enjoy the following benefits:

  • Highly focused health plan designs that reward personal lifestyles that lead to better health and involve employees more in their medical care, particularly at the primary preventative level
  • Effective management of the cost and use of prescription drugs
  • Free consulting assistance in implementing special cost control strategies such as health savings or health reimbursement accounts
  • Budget Certitude – Members receive a fixed premium rate
  • Health Pool Surplus belongs exclusively to the Member-Owners to use for rate stability and relief, or for other cost control strategies such as stronger wellness programs
  • Lower premium levels than identical coverage purchased directly through BCBSRI created by preferential administrative costs through the power of large volume purchasing and an innovative approach to stop-loss insurance