Dental Overview

Dental Insurance Policy

The Trust's Dental Insurance Pool provides Members with high quality and affordable dental care. In partnership with Delta Dental, the program features excellent treatment and coverage through a comprehensive dental network with a variety of plan options that can be customized to meet the individual needs of each Trust Member. The pool features a strong focus on preventative care as a way to impact costs and improve patient outcomes.

Members of The Trust's Dental Pool enjoy a variety of benefits including:

  • UNMATCHED VALUE & STABILITY - The Trust’s Dental Insurance Pool is committed to providing the greatest value in dental benefits to Trust Members by controlling claims costs and leveraging the buying power of all participating Member entities, leading to lower administrative costs and greater premium stability.
  • COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE - Members receive comprehensive coverage, with a strong focus on preventative care, through the Dental Insurance Pool. Preventative care is the best way to keep small issues from becoming bigger, more costly problems in the future.
  • BENEFIT PLANS THAT MEET YOUR NEEDS - The Trust meets the needs of its Members by mirroring your existing dental plan design to ensure compliance with collective bargaining agreements.
  • LARGE PROVIDER NETWORK - Access to the largest network of dental providers, both nationally and locally, is offered through The Trust’s Dental Insurance Pool.
  • MUNICIPAL GROUP PURCHASE—ONE-STOP SHOPPING - Many Trust Members enjoy the convenience of having all of their insurance needs covered by The Trust.
  • PRE-TREATMENT ESTIMATES - Whenever a dentist recommends a high-cost treatment, a Member can request that the dentist file a pre-treatment estimate with Delta Dental before the procedure. A pre-treatment estimate helps Members make informed choices about dental care and helps control costs.
  • BUDGET CERTITUDE - Members receive a guaranteed, fully-insured premium rate. (The Dental Insurance Pool itself, as a self-insured pool, absorbs the potential for adverse claims experience.)
  • POOL SURPLUS BELONGS TO YOU, OUR MEMBERS - Dental Insurance Pool Surplus belongs exclusively to the Member-Owners to use for rate stability and premium relief, or for other cost control strategies.
  • BENEFIT OF LARGE VOLUME BUYING POWER - Lower premium levels than identical coverage purchased directly through Delta Dental created by preferential administrative costs through the power of large volume purchasing.
  • FINANCIAL SERVICES - The Trust internally generates monthly billing for the Dental Insurance Pool and applies retroactive billing adjustments, when necessary.

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