First One in the Pool

First One in the Pool


The Trust is the pioneer and undeniable leader of intergovernmental risk-sharing pooling in Rhode Island. Born from a national insurance crisis in the 1980s that affected numerous states, The Trust became Rhode Island’s first intergovernmental risk-sharing pool in 1986 when six municipal entities came together through the Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns to develop affordable insurance solutions for Rhode Island’s local governmental entities.

During that critical time, you might say that The Trust became a life ring, a first of its kind risk-sharing insurance pool for Rhode Island local government brought about by special legislation advanced by the Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns through the General Assembly.

It’s important not to confuse The Trust with an insurance agency or broker. Rather, The Trust is a true risk-financing and sharing partnership that works to keep insurance premiums affordable by helping its Member-Owners learn and consistently practice the highest standards of public sector risk management.

The Trust is focused exclusively on Rhode Island public sector entities and by virtue of the State enabling legislation allowing it to exist, no other type of business interest can be pursued.

Because of this singular focus, The Trust is the only insurance and risk management provider in Rhode Island that has the know-how, experience, and tools necessary to provide public sector entities —municipalities, school districts, and special purpose districts— with highly specialized risk management solutions designed to help reduce claims and minimize losses.

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