Partners and Associations

In addition to the strong partnerships that The Trust cultivates with Member-Owners, The Trust also forms mutually beneficial partnerships with legal professionals and other organizations that are specific to the unique needs of Trust Members. Through these partnerships, many long-standing, The Trust has the ability and capacity to develop highly-focused risk management programs and services tailored specifically to meet our Members' public sector needs.


Trust Principal Defense Counsel

Alger Law

DeSisto Law

Mancini Law, LLC

McKenney, Quigley, Izzo & Clarkin LLP

Reynolds, DeMarco & Boland

Trust Partners

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Rhode Island

Delta Dental of Rhode Island


Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns

Rhode Island State Courts

RI Superior Court

RI Workers' Compensation Court

RI Supreme Court


United States Courts

Federal District Court for Rhode Island

1st Federal Circuit Court of Appeals

U.S. Supreme Court



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