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New OSHA Public Sector Safety & Health Fundamentals Program

In partnership with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Training Institute Education Center at Keene State College, The Trust is now offering a first-of-its kind certificate program to Member employees titled Public Sector Safety and Health Fundamentals Certificate Program (General Industry).  The Program is designed to help participants broaden their safety expertise, improve safe work practices, increase safety hazard awareness, comply with OSHA standards, and be proactive in today’s safety culture. 

“The Trust is thrilled to have partnered with Keene State College to provide this much needed, specialized certificate Program opportunity to our local governmental Member employees,” said Colleen Bodziony, Director of Operations and Member Services.  Public sector employees face just as many on-the-job risks as their private sector counterparts, yet the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 specifically excludes Federal OSHA’s authority over employees of State and local government.  “It is our hope that this Program will help Members strengthen their current efforts in workplace safety and help them to create and sustain a strong safety culture within their organization,” said Colleen.  

The Program fee is $1,000 per participant, payable upon acceptance into the Program.  Members are eligible for a $500 refund once the participant completes the course.  The Program is limited to 15 individuals, and is available only to Members of the Property/Liability and Workers’ Compensation Pools.  (Note: preference will be given to applicants who participate in both pools.)  Since space is limited, applicants are encouraged to provide thorough and detailed responses on their application to be considered for the Program.  All courses will be held at The Trust’s Conference Center, 501 Wampanoag Trail, Fourth Floor, East Providence, RI.  Applications are due by April 26, 2017.  

The Public Sector Safety and Health Fundamentals Certificate Program consists of seven OSHA Training Institute Education courses: Occupational Safety & Health Standards (General Industry) on May 16, 17, 23 & 24; Safety and Health Management Systems on June 14 Introduction to Accident Investigation on June 28; Health Hazard Awareness on August 16; Lockout/Tagout - September 13, OSHA Permit Required Confined Space Standard on September 27; and Electrical Standards on October 4, 5, 17 & 18. Participants will be required to attend all hours of the training courses and upon completion will receive Public Sector Safety and Health Fundamental Certificate. Instructors, signed by the Directorate of Training and Education/OSHA.

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