Membership Overview

The Strength of Many, The Power of One

A primary benefit of Trust membership is the cooperative power created by a diverse group of Member organizations throughout the state.  This collaborative power creates a financial strength which is leveraged to develop targeted programs and services for all Members that would otherwise be too costly for one single governmental entity to purchase or implement on its own.  

Trust g­­overnance is directed by its Member municipalities, school districts, and special purpose districts, who wholly own The Trust.  The Board of Trustees is the lead policy setting body, supported by five standing Committees. The policies established by The Trust’s Board provide the direction needed by the Committees, staff, and service providers in their development of comprehensive insurance protection and highly focused risk management programs and solutions.

The Trust is recognized as the Rhode Island public sector’s premier, one-stop shop for property/liability, workers’ compensation, health, dental, life and OPEB, as well as for risk management and loss prevention programs and services.  

It's a Partnership

Since its formation in 1986, The Trust's overarching goal is partnership — not only between The Trust and its Member-Owners, but even more importantly, among the Member-Owners themselves. By sharing best practices, lessons learned, and financial risk, the collective partnership known as The Trust effectively reduces liability and prevents claims and losses.

The Trust is the only insurance and risk management organization focused exclusively on providing comprehensive risk management to local government in Rhode Island – there is nothing else we do! Under one roof, The Trust’s staff of dedicated professionals provides Rhode Island public sector entities with expertise in specialty coverages like public officials’ and law enforcement liability, employee benefit plan design and cost control strategies, claims management, and  all forms of public sector risk management.  Simply put, no private sector insurance company can deliver the same strengths, services, and programs to Rhode Island’s local governmental entities as The Trust.

Our unique programs grow out of a full awareness of our Members’ needs and our strong commitment to meet those needs in innovative and highly effective ways. 

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